Client Comments

"Burt Smith and his staff are the best. As one of the heirs of a multi-million dollar intestate estate, as a South Carolina resident without business ties to Haywood County, professional inquires led me to Burt Smith. Faced with the stock market crash in the fall of 2008, his prompt action in acquiring and liquidating assets saved the estate millions of dollars. In my career I have never had an attorney and his staff work at such a timely, efficient and professional level."

Nancy M. Moody
Associate Probate Judge

"As a local businessman, I count on Burt and his staff for thoughtful solutions to a variety of business and property related issues. Responses are always timely and personal. Burt’s knowledge of construction and real estate gives him a unique perspective not normally found in an attorney."

John Burgin
John Burgin Construction

"My first legal association with the law firm of Burton C. Smith, Jr. came as Burt guided my mother and our family through legal issues concerning the health of my father. Soon afterward, the deaths of my brother, father, and mother came in rapid succession, along with what I perceived as an estate nightmare. Once again, Burt and the rest of his staff handled the overwhelming task of making sense of all the confusion. The team at Burt's office navigated all the legal waters with knowledge, professionalism, and just plain old hard work to ensure the best outcome for our family. 
I now entrust all of my legal matters, from contracts to traffic accidents to anything that might arise legally to Burt Smith and his staff. Once again, I cannot stress the importance of how arduously Burt and his firm worked for me. I not only consider Burt, his wife Carol, and the rest of his team as legal counsel, but also as friends genuinely caring about the continued well-being of my family."

C. Joe Arrington
A & T Associates  

"Faced with the legal challenges of a multi-million dollar estate unspecified by will or trust, the Smith law firm was engaged to lead the two families of heirs [twenty-five heirs in thirteen states] through the probate process. Clear communications, transparent procedures and respect for all inquiries brought universal appreciation by all heirs as they received their shares without squabble or resentment. No law firm could have been more diligent or professional."

Dave Alexander
Swannanoa, NC